A great option, for most people.

A great choice when it’s time to renew your vision prescription and you’re in good health.

Use Opternative when:
  • Contacts
    It’s time to renew.
  • Opternative is a great option when you’ve had a full or comprehensive eye exam.
    You’ve had a full exam.
  • You seek convenience.
    You seek convenience.
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What’s Included

Opternative is a convenient way to get your contacts or glasses RX renewed, but not a replacement for a full eye exam. Our doctors recommend a full eye exam at least every two years.

Opternative In-Person
Vision Tests
Measures how you see
Health Discussion
To uncover symptoms and medical issues
Eye Health Tests
Used to identify any medical issues
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Perfect for prescriptions
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Keeps you healthy

Eligibility Details

We check for many things that can affect your vision or the health of your eyes. You may or may not qualify for an Opternative prescription because of your location, age or health condition.

  • Age

    You must be between 18 and 55 years old.

  • Health

    Your eyes must be healthy and you can’t have any medical conditions that impact your vision. You can’t use Opternative if you have had diabetes.

  • Vision

    We only provide prescriptions between -10.00 and +3.50 in spherical strength (SPH), -0.25 and -3.00 in cylinder power (CYL) and +0.25 and +4.00 in add power (ADD). Your previous prescription is required for all new contacts and most glasses prescriptions.

  • Location

    Opternative’s service is available in 37 states. Want Opternative in your state? Write your representative.

    Opternative is available in 37 states.
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