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Sarah's Story
Avoiding Traffic
“When I found Opternative, everything changed. Not only could I afford it, but I was able to throw away the contacts I’d worn for way too long. Best of all, I was able to avoid L.A. traffic while I did the exam at home in half an hour. It’s such a relief that there’s something out there for people like me with a tight budget and crazy schedule.” - Sarah
Dana's Story
Skipping the Sitter
“When you have to take kids with you to an appointment, it's a struggle. At home, I can turn on a movie and take my exam in peace without the stress of kids misbehaving. The test was fast, easy, and ready for me to take whenever I had enough time. So, I save myself the hassle, I save money on the exam, AND I save money on gas and possibly a babysitter.” - Dana

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Opternative donates to EyeCare4Kids


Eyecare4Kids is ending squinting at the chalkboard. Based out of Utah, they’ve spent 16 years working with families in America. They’re giving free eyeglasses to children in challenged communities.

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