Seeing clearly is easy.

Accurate prescriptions online using your smartphone and computer.

It’s as easy as:
  • Opternative allows you to renew prescriptions for glasses or contacts.
    Describe how you see.
  • Opternative allows you to take your vision test online.
    Take the online test.
  • Opternative vision prescriptions can be used anywhere you can purchase glasses or contacts - even space!
    Use your Rx anywhere.
Get started

The online vision test with a just-right Rx.

Our test is all you need to get a renewed prescription for contacts or glasses. The test will take 15 minutes or less and you'll get your prescription within 24 hours.

Opternative provides vision tests that check your visual acuity

What You’ll Need

  • Smartphone & computer

    Tell us what you can see on your computer by using your phone as a remote control. You won’t need to download any apps.

  • 10 feet of space

    Stepping away from your computer lets us measure your distance vision. You’ll need to stand about 10 feet from your screen.

  • Prior prescription

    Your previous prescription is required, most of the time. Our doctors use it to ensure your new prescription is clear and comfortable. We're happy to get a copy from your last doctor, but it can cause delays.

What to Expect

You'll get a signed prescription to use wherever you buy contacts or glasses. Your personalized vision test will measure how you see, but won’t check the health of your eyes.

Setup for Success

Easy instructions guide you through every step. We'll explain how to set up your room, how far to stand from your computer and why we need certain information.

Measuring Your Vision

We determine what you can and can't see with a series of tests. We measure your distance vision, check color vision and find astigmatisms.

Written byYour Doctor

An ophthalmologist licensed in your state will review your test results and prior prescription. Then, they'll write and sign your new prescription.

Digital Prescriptions

You can use your new prescription to buy contacts or glasses anywhere. It's always at your fingertips. You can download, print or access it anytime.