Helping people see better.

We’re a technology company with a human touch.

Improving lives with vision care.

We believe affordable, convenient vision prescriptions are a good thing. We started Opternative to provide a safe, online option for vision testing. It's a way to get prescriptions between eye exams. Eyes stay healthy. People can see clearly. It's a win-win.

Our technology connects doctors and patients in new ways. Cost, time and hassle don't have to be barriers to seeing anymore.

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Our Leadership Team

  • Steven Lee

    Steven Lee

    Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

  • Brent Rasmussen

    Brent Rasmussen

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Ayo Jimoh

    Ayo Jimoh

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Lori McInerney

    Lori McInerney

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Scott Axonovitz

    Scott Axonovitz

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Paul Foley

    Paul Foley

    Vice President of Finance

  • John Joe Smith

    John Joe Smith

    Vice President of Product

  • Pete Horkan

    Pete Horkan

    Vice President of Government & External Affairs

Medical Advisory Board

  • Dr. David Hillman, MD

    Duke University School of Medicine Alum

  • Dr. Geoffrey Tabin, MD

    Harvard Medical School Alum

  • Dr. Ralph Lanciano, DO

    Philadelphia College of
    Osteopathic Medicine Alum

Patented Technology

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted Opternative patents on its pioneering eye care technology. This will help Opternative bring next generation healthcare technology to patients everywhere. See our patents.