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Save money

Our technology costs up to 75% less than a traditional refractive exam.

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No appointments, driving, or waiting rooms. Hassle free online test takes just 10 minutes.

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Your prescription will be signed by a licensed eye care professional and can be used anywhere.


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All you need is a computer and the internet and you can use our technology.

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About us

Co-Founders: Aaron Dallek, Steven Lee

Opternative's mission is to help the world see and feel better. Our technology is intended to assist licensed eye care professionals in improving their delivery of patient eye care by increasing access to refractive eye exams and lowering costs. Later this year we'll be releasing our online refractive eye exam technology which Opternative will license to medical professionals for use. Opternative does not, and will not, perform medical services. Opternative's technology may be used by eye care professionals, licensed to use Opternative's technology, to provide patients with refractive eye exams and to issue a valid prescription for eyeglasses and contact lenses. Opternative will be conducting an NIH registered, IRB reviewed study, to test the accuracy and efficacy of the Opternative technology prior to licensing the technology to eye care professionals for use.

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Opternative is looking to grow its team of engineers, designers, customer advocates, and Ophthalmologists. Want to join our mission?

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